Meet the remarkable South African designer, Ruald Rheeder, whose journey in the world of fashion is a captivating tale of talent and triumph. He didn’t just break into the fashion scene; he conquered it.

Ruald Rheeder’s story begins when he left high school and ventured to Cape Town to chase his fashion dreams. His passion for menswear soon found a home in various boutiques and clothing outlets, but it was his partnership with the iconic Young Designers Emporium (YDE) that catapulted him into the limelight.

“Fashion has become even more important for men in South Africa and it’s vital to be aware of what is happenning in the fashion industry, not only locally, but on an international level.”

After honing his craft and gaining invaluable experience in menswear buying, Ruald collaborated with other renowned South African designers. However, his true moment of glory came when he launched his very own signature line, RUALD RHEEDER®, exclusively available at YDE stores across the country.

The RUALD RHEEDER® label quickly rose to prominence, earning Ruald accolades such as the coveted “Best New Designer” Award upon its launch and the prestigious “The most consistently excellent performing designer” award at the 2012 YDE awards.

But Ruald’s creative journey didn’t stop there. He’s not just a designer; he’s a couturier for a diverse clientele, including local celebrities like Janez Vermeiren, Ewan Strydom, Ryan Sandez, Dieter Voigt, Cameron van den Burgh, and the charismatic Jonathan Boynton-Lee, who proudly represent his menswear brand.

The RUALD RHEEDER RUNWAY COLLECTION, a showcase of his latest creations, dazzles audiences annually at both Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Johannesburg Fashion Week. His influence extends far beyond South Africa, as the RUALD RHEEDER COLLECTION graces prestigious fashion weeks in Kenya, Mozambique, and Ethiopia.

In 2013, RUALD RHEEDER® made a bold move by introducing a ladieswear collection in YDE stores nationwide, with the glamorous Leigh-Anne Williams as the face of the brand.

The year 2014 marked another milestone in Ruald’s journey as he earned the distinction of being named one of Opulent Living/Mercedes Benz Top 10 Most Influential Designers in South Africa.

Ruald Rheeder’s passion for fashion extends beyond borders. He believes that fashion’s significance for men in South Africa transcends local boundaries and should be a reflection of the global industry’s ever-evolving trends.